Paradise Found

Paradise every night with Coconotion & SlumberBabi

We make Coconotion Rejuvenating Face Cream with pure organic, cold-pressed coconut oil, sourced from the Pacific Islands, because it is widely acknowledged that coconut oil has amazing benefits.

Coconotion harnesses the restorative power of organic cold-pressed coconut oil, and top quality natural olive-based emulsifiers, to penetrate and rejuvenate the face, leaving it soft, smooth, and youthful.

The structure of our SlumberBabi pillowcase is in constant balance with your skin keeping it clean, naturally restoring elasticity to your hair and through interaction with the body's metabolism strengthen the body's immune system. 

 A marriage of two products will change the way you look and feel. Your skin will feel as smooth and refreshing as a Pacific Island breeze. 

Click on the photo below and slice your piece of paradise.

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